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Public Gold Inc. is now a partner with Family of Eagles Inc...

...allowing Family of Eagles Inc. to participate in what some refer to as the discounted coin market.

Our Independent Sales Representatives are literally on the streets selling each day and when they meet the bulk buyer who wants to buy a lot but at a very small margin of markup that Selling Rep can make that sale with the assistance of Public Gold.,
Public Gold will be our exclusive BULK sales coin provider as well as other discount precious metal products .

Family of Eagles and its Independent Sales Representatives are setting high goals and are not leaving any part of the silver and gold coin market out of it strategy for success. .

As we step forward and enter this great race that has been going on for thousands of years among rich and poor alike to own some silver and gold.
Within that ownership there is a deep rooted belief they contain a "STANDARD" of intrinsic value on their own and that no man or government can strip away the money code that lies within them.

For us who chase it, own it, hide it ...

 "Silver and Gold are the money code."

We are calling our present effort to get some more, sell some more, own some more and hide some more ....

Our Dash For
Silver, Gold and Cash.